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The Judge's Court's elegant accommodation comprises of 10 Double Rooms 3 of which are suites inclusive of the cottage in the ancestral courtyard.

Below are some of our luxurious bedrooms.
The rooms go by such names as Kipling, Hardinge, Kangra, Dhauladhar, Hermitage etc.
and are most elegantly furnished.


interior views



The property is classified as "Heritage" and this makes it India's first classified Heritage Country Manor with an ambience reminiscent of the turn of the 20th Century.





It has two portions :

1   The Country Manor built by Bhandari Ram
for his son, Justice Sir Jai Lal

2   An ancestral Cottage which is over 300 years old

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The large splendid Country Manor designed in the Indo-European tradition and built in 1918 for Justice Sir Jai Lal with it's annex. The buildings stand in a 12-acre orchard consisting of mango, lychee, plum, citrus and exotic trees like camphor, clove and cardamom.


Eco-Friendly, Organic and Green.

The Judge's Court substantially grows its own fruit, vegetables, wheat, maize and oil seeds.
All efforts are made towards creating environment. Milk is from an owned dairy on the premises.
Water is exclusively piped from an ancestral mountain spring.
Preserves are from the "green" produce of the orchard

home grown food


The owning Kuthiala Sood family that runs it has been part of Heritage Village Pragpur since the time it was founded.