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"Among the immovables, I am the Himalayas"
Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita


Religious Places Distance

Sidh Channo Temple at Dangra 2 Km

Chinour Temple with water mills 15 Km

Kaleshwar Temple on the river beas 16 Km

Jwalamukhi Temple 21 Km

Chintpurni Temple 20 Km

Chamunda Temple 75 Km

Picnic Spots

Chamba Pattan on banks of
River Beas 6 Km

Musical fountain Jawalamukhi 21 Km

Kaleshwar on the Beas River 8 Km

Masroor Rock Cut Temples 57 Km

Dharmasala 65 Km

Kangra Fort 45 Km

Dada Siba 22 Km

Haripur Guler old Fort 30 Km

Palampur Tea Estates 80 Km


Chamba Pattan 5 Km

Balihar 4 Km

Lag Baliana 5 Km

Lower Sunhet natural beauty and glen of mint 7 Km

Kaleshwar 7 Km

Bharwain 11 Km

Distance from nearby cities
(and driving time)

Hosiarpur Two hours 65 Km
Una direct bus service One and half hours 60 Km
Jallandhar Two and half hours 104 Km
Pathankot Three hours 120 Km
Chandigarh Four hours 180 Km

WITHIN 20 Kilometers

"Dada Siba - Chinor" reached by a scenic road. "Dada Siba" has an old Temple with beautiful Kangra murals on the inner walls and impressive ruins. Chinor has water mills to grind corn.
Dada Siba- Ruins

Maharana Pratap Sagar- Bird Sanctuary
A National Wet Land
"River Beas" at Chamba- Patan near Garli flows through beautiful countryside. Famous for Mahaseer fishing

"Dehra". The Revenue Office building was constructed in 1868. During working days it is a picture of a rural court of the years gone by.


"Garli" lovely old houses. The road leads to Chamba-Pattan on the banks of river Beas where boat rides are possible.

Garli Home

"Meri" (Baba Bharwagh Singh) for exorcising the evil spirit.


WITHIN 30 Kilometers

"Chintpurni" A Shakti Temple famous for granting of wishes. A little beyond is Dharamshala Mahanta, a sleepy hamlet which has an old temple with Kangra murals on wall.

"Jwalamukhi" A famous Shakti Temple.

"Haripur - Guler" The narrow guage train station at Guler is quaint with equipment from early 20th Century. Oil lamps still light the signal at dusk. The Fort at Haripur, ornamental tank and baolis (water springs) are historical. The Principality of Haripur was founded in 1464 AD. It was famous as the cradle of the Kangra School of Paintings.

Shakti Temple, Kangra
55 Kms
"Masroor" Rock cut Temples of the style of Ellora.

"Kangra" Fort and Shakti Temple.

The Fort, until conquered by Emperor Jehangir in 1622, was always-with short exceptions - in Hindu hands.

The Bajreshwari Temple, Kangra, was sacked by Mahmud Ghazni of uncounted treasures in1009.

WITHIN 65 Kilometers


the shade of the towering Dhauladhar
mountains it has
numerous pretty spots
in the vicinity.
His Holiness,
The Dalai Lama

"Norbulingka" Named after the Dalai Lama's summer palace in Tibet is a Cultural Centre.


St. John in the Wilderness

"St. John in the Wilderness" A Chapel with stained glass windows lies on the road to Mcleodganj which was built in memory of Lord Elgin, Viceroy of India.


Is in the midst of lush green tea estates. It is about 30 Kms. from Dharamshala and on the way to Baijnath Temple and Bir/Billing where International hang gliding competitions are held.